Spirogen Limited (“Spirogen”) develops innovative cancer drugs the most advanced of which is in Phase II clinical trials.  It has developed a novel class of highly potent cytotoxic warheads based on its proprietary pyrrolobenzodiazepines (“PBD’s”), DNA minor groove binding agents, which bind and cross-link specific sites of DNA of the cancer cell. This blocks the cancer cells’ division without distorting its DNA helix, thus avoiding clinically relevant mechanisms  of drug resistance.  Spirogen has also developed highly potent toxins and linkers for targeted therapies such as antibody drug conjugates. Here its business model is to partner its technology with pharma and biotech for use in the development of novel drugs. It has a number of industry collaborations, including collaborations with Genentech announced in 2011 and with ADC Therapeutics announced in 2012.


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