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Meta Materials Inc. (META®)(NASDAQ: MMAT) is an advanced materials and nanotechnology company. It develops new products and technologies using innovative sustainable science. Advanced materials can improve everyday products that surround us, making them smarter and more sustainable.

Through applied physics and advanced design, META are pioneering a new class of multi-functional materials — called metamaterials — which have engineered properties that Go Beyond what is found in nature.

META use AI software to custom design patterns for different applications, with a library of designs. META has several proprietary nanofabrication and manufacturing capabilities. ARfusion® is a platform technology for smart augmented reality eyewear. PLASMAfusion® enables high speed coating of any solid material, on any substrate. META’s Nanoimprint Lithography and Rolling Mask Lithography (RML®) technologies allow for wide-web high volume manufacturing.

META has worked with some of the world’s leading companies including Airbus, Satair, Lockheed Martin, Dupont Teijin Films, PPG, Mitsubishi Electric and Sekisui.


Meta Materials’s thoughts

“The QMB Innovation Centre has been with us for over 10 years and has had a significant impact on our corporate development. We started out as a small tech start-up and now our company employs more than 200 people in four countries. From gaining access to investors and business mentors, to being able to use tailor-made laboratory space and ample serviced office and meeting rooms in QME next door, QMB has allowed us to grow in a very supportive environment.”

Themos Kallos, co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Meta Materials Inc.


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