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hVIVO  are experts in a field where people lead the way. The demand for new treatments in the drive towards a healthier world is a pressing one. There is a real need to better understand the true causes of debilitating and life threatening conditions and identify the best way to alleviate or cure them. However, the process of bringing new, affordable treatments to market is complex, costly, high risk and long.

hVIVO has established itself as the world leader in human challenge models, helping to save time, money and ultimately lives.

hVIVO’s thoughts on the QMB Innovation Centre’s support:

“This new facility will allow hVIVO to further enhance its Human Viral Challenge Model capability with dedicated en suite isolation rooms, on site laboratory support and integrated data management. This is the first clinical facility dedicated to Human Viral Challenge Studies since the closure of the Common Cold Institute in the 1990s. As a specialist virology contract research organisation (CRO), hVIVO is the only company to offer Human Viral Challenge Studies in influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and the common cold.”

Dr Robert Lambkin-Williams, CSO of hVivo


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