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Queen Mary Innovation Ltd (QMI) is Queen Mary University of London’s (QMUL) wholly-owned technology transfer company and responsible for the commercialisation and management of the University's intellectual property and portfolio of spinout companies.


Over the last five years, QMI has secured 80 commercial licenses with industry to exploit QMUL intellectual property, returning over £1.7 million of commercial income to the University. QMI’s growing portfolio of high-growth technology spinouts has attracted in excess of £60 million of external venture capital investment.

QMI’s technical and commercial experience in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors is a valuable asset which could bring significant benefits to your company when working with them including:

Technology Transfer

Adding value to your proprietary intellectual property and know-how.

Business Development


Identifying know-how and research capabilities to meet your business needs and securing funding for collaborative research projects involving academia-industry partnerships.



Barts and the London

The QMB Innovation Centre is situated next to Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, a world-class research institution with expertise in the challenging diseases of the modern world. There has been major investment in a full range of clinical research facilities, adjacent to the redeveloped Barts and the London NHS Trust, the largest hospital development in Europe.

Business Support Network


This network aims to benefit The QMB Innovation Centre cluster members and tenant companies by:


  • Making readily available a range of important services to support the successful growth of science and technology companies;
  • Fostering links between Queen Mary Innovation spin-outs, QMB Innovation Centre cluster members, tenants and the business community;
  • Providing support services via events, clinic sessions, conferences and other associated network activity.