MediWiSe (Medical Wireless Sensing Ltd.)

“MediWise” (Medical Wireless Sensing) designs, develops and tests innovative medical devices based on Microwave Medical Imaging (MMI) technology for non-invasive, early stage screening of cancer. MediWiSe’s expertise is at the forefront of new technological developments and is aiming to become a leader in the new generation of medical imaging. MediWise’s vision is to harness cutting-edge innovation to develop safer and affordable solutions for better patient care. The core of our patent pending technology is based on a novel and original use of low-power microwaves in combination with advance material technology (Metamaterials) for high accuracy, non-invasive medical imaging. The proposed system is radiation free and thus can offer a safer and cheaper alternative to conventional medical imaging methods.

MediWise’s thoughts on the QMB Innovation Centre’s support:

“The QMB Innovation Centre has been a pivotal ally. They provide strategic guidance, access to investors, mentors, and a ready-made network of contacts, specialised training, affordable space, and professional services at reduced rates, being inside the QMB incubator makes us realise that we not alone. Thank you!”
George Palikaras, Founder and CEO of MedWise

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