To allow easy access between laboratories and office space, we designed integrated suites, housing both lab and office space split within one unit.

The commercial labs are designed to house both microbiological safety cabinets and fume cupboards allowing both biology and chemistry work.

All services are kept within the ceiling void, allowing the suites to be extended into adjacent space if a further unit is required subject to availability.

Other specification include:


  • Biosafety level 2 laboratories
  • Dewar store for gas storage and fire rated solvent storage cabinets on site
  • Emergency generator for critical equipment
  • Facilities room (glass wash, autoclave, ice machine, washing machine & purified water facilities)
  • Non-recirculating air regimes with 8 changes per hour
  • 120 seat Lecture Theatre and Costa Coffee shop located within the building
  • Adjacent to Bart’s & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and The Royal London Hospital
  • 24/7 electronic card access with CCTV security system
  • Fully integrated BMS system to control the internal infrastructure
  • 65 cycle spaces and shower facilities

Download the QMB fact sheet Here