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GLE Group


The GLE Group comprises four business areas each focussed on maximising the potential of individuals, small enterprises and growing businesses. GLE delivers public policy objectives by bringing commercial know-how in economic development, finance and regeneration.

The Group has offices in London, Brussels and Prague and its expertise draws on different professional and academic disciplines including economics, urban planning, business studies and social sciences.

Part of GLE Consulting is dedicated to London Innovation Network. London Innovation Network provides tailored support to enable businesses to access European funding, to engage with the opportunities of the European Single Market and to promote knowledge transfer and innovation. The work is being delivered within the Commission’s new ‘Enterprise Europe Network ’ which offers a comprehensive range of services for European SMEs, entrepreneurs, research centres and universities. Launched in 2008, Enterprise Europe Network is made up of close to 600 partner organisations in more than 40 countries, promoting competitiveness and innovation at the local level in Europe and beyond.

Services include:

• Knowledge and Technology Transfer
• Access to funding and investments
• Support in International Trading
• Advice on legislation and commercial procedures

GLE endeavours to provide support on EU funding, trade, legislation and technology transfer among others. Their services are free for the businesses as they are sponsored by the EC. GLE has already started working with technology transfer offices across the UK, to provide guidance on EC FP7 funding for the companies they manage. GLE offers very strong VC and private finance support and we have fantastic case studies for it.

Clients: IC-Fineval, Mycologix, Plaxica, Novacem

Contact: Chris Farmakis, Fund Raising Manager
Phone: 020 7940 1514






Innovation China UK, a subsidiary of Queen Mary Innovation Limited, provides a full range of services to UK companies seeking to commercialise their technology and products in the Chinese market



  • Market research
    Providing in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market for your technology, including local customers, competition and regulations
  • China entry strategies
  • Working with you to develop the most suitable strategy for your technology and helping you source R&D partners, licensees, buyers and distributors in China
  • Intellectual Property commercialisation
  • Using our knowledge of technology transfer in China ICUK will guide you through the steps required to commercialise your IP in the Chinese market
    Public sector events
  • ICUK is an official partner of Science Innovation Network, part of BIS, and leverage their support to organise technology partnering events and innovation forums in China
  • ICUK began as a £4.9m government funded initiative to increase knowledge transfer and research collaboration between China and the UK, and has built up a wide range of expertise and contacts working with industry and government in the UK and China


The ICUK Team

UCUK is a bilingual, UK and China based consultancy team, experienced in Healthcare, Engineering, Renewable Energy and Low Carbon technologies
With a strong track record of successfully introducing companies to the Chinese market ICUK is uniquely placed to help your organisation grow in China

Contact: Manyi Cristofoli


Phone: 020 7882 8344




Queen Mary Innovation


The knowledge transfer strategy of Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) is driven by Queen Mary Innovation (QMI) which promotes enterprise and innovation across the College. QMI provides a route for businesses and the wider community to access the skills and expertise of the researchers, academics and students at QMUL. QMI’s technical and commercial experience in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors is a valuable asset which could bring significant benefits to your company when working with them including:


  • Technology Transfer 
  • Adding value to your proprietary intellectual property and know-how through:
  • Initial technical and patentability assessment
  • Market, industry and competitor analysis
  • In-depth technical and commercial due diligence
  • Commercialisation and route-to-market analysis
  • Advising on in/out licensing strategy, structure and drafting
  • Assisting with business planning, business development and access to the early-stage VC community


Business Development  


  • Identifying know-how and research capabilities to meet your business needs
  • Securing funding for collaborative research projects involving academia-industry partnerships. Assistance and advice are available on a range of funding streams including:
  • EU Framework 7 Programme
  • Technology Strategy Board Platforms
  • Industrial PhD Studentships
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • Accessing high-value specialist equipment and expertise
  • Accessing skilled research students allowing assessment of future employment possibilities


Contact: Graeme Brown Director, Director, Technology Transfer


Phone: 0207 8823107